Hey, Pandas!

Our hardworking Pandas always strive to get more deliveries done daily and we know that you will be able to do more deliveries with a better vehicle. We’ve decided to partner with Convertt to provide you with installment plans for your e-bike! 

Why Convertt?

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How to sign-up?


*Terms & conditions apply. Click here to view. 


What Is Convertt?

We specialize in white goods financing, enabling greater financial inclusivity for the underserved. Use Convert to conserve your cashflow by converting purchases into affordable installments.

How long will my application take?

Upon full submission of the documents required, our team will process the application within 1 working day. However, if you do not hear from us after 1 working day please contact us to follow up with your application status.

What are the requirements?

The minimum age requirement is 21 years old and above.
We require the applicant to have a minimum of 3 months’ income statements before we can proceed with the application. However, we can explore the option of having a guarantor but still be subjected to approval.

Are there fees involved when using Convertt?

Yes, interest charges as well as a one-time processing fee is applicable upon approval of your application.

Do I need to make any deposits?

No deposit is required. You will be required to pay the 1st installment amount upon collection of your product.

Do I have to come down to Convertt's office for application?

Convertt is a fully digitalized platform, we will be contacting you via phone call, WhatsApp and email to save you the trouble of making a trip to our office!

How to submit the documents to Convertt?

Login to your account to submit the documents. Alternatively, you may WhatsApp +65 63336000 OR email hello@convertt.sg to submit your documents too.

We have also sent every applicant an email with the documents required. Kindly refer to the email sent, if you are unable to find it it may be in the junk folder.

How do I pay my instalment every month?

The first installment amount will be paid in-store upon collection of your purchase. The monthly repayment can be paid via bank transfer or Pay Now. We will be sending our customers payment reminders 2 days before the repayment day.

How do I know when my repayment is due?

The date of repayment every month will be based on the appointment date you first set with the merchant to collect your purchase.

*If you are unable to collect on the appointment date, kindly inform Convertt in advance.

Have more questions?

You can contact us via: 
Telegram: @helloconverttbot

Whatsapp:+65 63336000