Hey, Pandas!

We know many of you have been requesting for insurance partnerships and we are always listening. We know how important extra protection is for you as foodpanda riders, so we have partnered with SNACK by Income to get you covered with your deliveries!

What is SNACK?

SNACK is a mobile app that lets you pay bite-sized premiums ($0.30/ $0.50/ $0.70) to purchase insurance coverage whenever you fulfil a delivery with foodpanda! The first of its kind in the world – you can choose between Personal Accident, Term Life, and Critical Illness Insurance.

Personal Accident – Up to $100,000 for accidental death & permanent disability due to an accident.

Critical Illness – Up to S$200,000 if the insured is diagnosed with any of the 37 covered severe-stage critical illnesses (except angioplasty and other invasive treatment for coronary artery which is limited to 10% of the sum assured under the policy subject to a S$25,000 maximum sum payable).

Term Life – Up to $200,000 in the event of death, total & permanent disability or terminal illness.


Accessible – Starts from $0.30

Premiums on SNACK start from just $0.30, which makes it easy to build up your insurance protection without feeling the pinch.

Flexible – Start, stop and adjust anytime

SNACK is flexible and you can start, stop and adjust your premiums anytime you want from the SNACK app.

Build insurance coverage as you earn

Each time you fulfil a delivery with foodpanda, you will be issued an insurance policy based on the products you have selected. 

How does SNACK work?

For example, if you choose to pay $0.30 premiums, for every order you deliver with foodpanda, you will accumulate $300* worth of insurance. If you fulfilled 10 orders that day (10 x $300), you will pay a total of $3 and will be able to accumulate $3,000 worth of insurance coverage which is valid for 360 days.

*Actual coverage is based on your profile

For more information about SNACK, please visit: https://snackbyincome.sg/faq.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is SNACK?

SNACK is a mobile app that embeds the purchase of micro-insurance into your lifestyle. You can pay bite-sized premiums ($0.30/ $0.50/ $0.70) to build up insurance coverage every time you perform a lifestyle activity,  such as paying for your meal with your Visa card, and exclusively for foodpanda riders – whenever you complete a delivery with foodpanda! You’ll be able to choose from a range of micro-insurance products, namely: Life, Personal Accident and Critical Illness insurance. SNACK is developed by NTUC Income, a Direct Insurer (composite) licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

How does the foodpanda delivery lifestyle activity work?

When you link the delivery lifestyle activity to any products on SNACK, you will be issued a bite-sized insurance coverage each time you fulfill a delivery with foodpanda. 

Every Thursday, you’ll see your total accumulated coverage updated from the deliveries you made in the past week (Thursday to Wednesday)!

How do I adjust my premiums?

Go to the portfolio screen on your SNACK app and click on the relevant product. Click “Edit Coverage” to adjust your premiums and edit or remove lifestyle activities!

How do I pay for my premiums?

The accumulated premiums for the deliveries you made in the past week (Thursday to Wednesday) will be deducted from your credit or debit card every Sunday.

What happens to my coverage when I leave foodpanda?

Your coverage accumulated before leaving foodpanda will remain as it is. Any coverage purchased after leaving foodpanda will not be entitled to any foodpanda benefits and will default back to prevailing SNACK rates. SNACK can be paused and stopped at any time, each micro-policy purchased will continue to provide coverage a year from the purchase date.

How do I make a claim?

You may submit you claims via snackbyincome.sg/claims. Log in using your SNACK app account details.

I have more questions, who can I contact?

You can reach out to SNACK at hello.snack@income.com.sg