Hey, Pandas!

We’ve decided to partner with GOMO by Singtel to bring you discounted data plans! Check out what they have to offer our Pandas below:

What's on offer?

  • Go GOMO with 50GB of data at $0.
  • Free $20 GOMO add-on credits.
  • Includes 500 mins & 500 SMS.
  • Plus, enjoy free incoming calls, free caller ID, SIM & registration and same-day delivery.
  • Backed by SG’s fastest and widest network, Singtel 4G.
  • Use promo code GOMOPANDA. Valid till 5 May 2021.

How to claim:

  1. Sign-up here.
  2. Upon sign up, apply promo code GOMOPANDA at the order summary page to enjoy this offer.
  3. Promo is valid until 5 May 2021

Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions – GOMO $20 for 50GB, 500min, 500SMS for 1st month, followed by $20  for 40GB, 400min, 400SMS monthly for 11 months + $20 GOMO credits with promo code  <GOMOPANDA> 

  1. Promotion offers new subscriber $20 for 50GB, 500min, 500SMS for 1st month, following  which GOMO sub enjoys $20 for 40GB, 400mins, 400SMS from 2nd to 12th month.  Thereafter, plan will revert to monthly base plan of 20GB, 200min and 200SMS from 13th  month onwards.  
  2. Additional 10GB, 100MINS, 100SMS for first month will be post-provisioned by end May 2021. 

Offer is available for limited time period only. Subscriber will continue to enjoy this promo if  he or she successfully signs up with promo code “GOMOPANDA” during promotional  period and continues to stay with GOMO. 

  1. At sign up, promo code “GOMOPANDA” must be applied at the order summary page for  individual to enjoy this offer. 
  2. Failure to input promo code during sign up will result in subscriber being automatically  provisioned base plan of $20 for 20GB, 200min, 200SMS. Charges then will be non refundable upon successful sign up. 
  3. This offer is valid from 22 April – 5 May 2021. 

This offer is applicable to all sign ups, excluding Singtel port-ins during the promotional  period. This offer is not valid to existing GOMO subscribers. 

Sign-ups between 22 April - 5 May 2021 will receive additional $20 GOMO credits (4 x $5  GOMO data add-on promo codes) which will be post-provisioned via an email by end May  2021.  

  1. Each $5 GOMO data add-on credit can be used to redeem $5 off a 30-day datapump add on via the GOMO app, and will be valid for use till end November 2021 
  2. This offer is limited to first 10,000 promo code redemptions only. 
  3. Subscriber who has successfully signed up for this plan will be automatically charged $20  monthly on their debit or credit card. In case this payment fails due to insufficient funds or  other reasons, plan will automatically revert to $20 for 20GB, 200min, 200 SMS when  Subscriber makes payment again. Subscriber will not be able to revert to $20 for 40GB,  400min, 400SMS Plan afterwards. 

If the Subscriber needs additional data on top of the 40GB data bundle, he/she can purchase a Data Pump add-on in the GOMO app. 

Upon successful sign up for GOMO $20 for 40GB Plan, Subscriber will not be able to change their existing $20 for 40GB Plan to the $20 for 20GB, 200min, 200SMS base plan. xiv. GOMO provides monthly recurring email receipts upon successful charging. An email will be sent to the email address that you provided during sign-up when your GOMO Mobile  Plan gets auto-renewed after 35 days on the first month, and every 30 days subsequently.  Alternatively, you may also check your credit card bill, your bill will be reflected under  ‘GOMO Mobile Plan’. No separate bills will be provided as excess charges will not apply to  GOMO Mobile Plans.