A. Quest Incentives

Make some extra $$$ whenever you complete a certain number of orders in the areas mentioned below! Please note that the amount reflected on your Accept/Reject screen is the final amount inclusive of the additional surge incentive.

✔️ All vehicles

✔️ Cars

B. Downtown & Novena Special Quest Incentive

We have a special incentive for those who complete 600 orders in Downtown & Novena 🎉 

C. Surge Fees (CW 22)

On top of that, see how much additional 💰💰💰 you can make per order in the High Demand Areas below:

C. Surge Fees (CW 21)

D. Refer-a-Friend Incentive

We know you have some amazing friends who could use some side 💰 during this time. Why don’t you refer them to us and make some 💰 yourself?

Here are the additional incentives your new joiner friends can make:

What are you waiting for?! Book your shifts now! 😉