Hey Pandas!

Welcome to the foodpanda rider Mobile Legends Tournament 2021! 40+ foodpanda rider teams of 5 players each will compete against each other and stand the chance to win up to $1500!



Live streaming will be available for the semi-finals and finals. Watch here.


  • Competition Period: Oct 25 – 30, 2021.
  • Playing teams can find their group through here.
  • The detailed table with the Mobile Legends Game IDs of the varying captains can be found here.

Tournament Details

Stage 1: Round Robin (1A, 1B, 1C split into 3 days).

  • Round 1A has 6 groups of 3 teams. Total: 18 teams
  • Round 1B has 5 groups of 3 teams. Total: 15 Teams
  • Round 1 Chas 5 groups of 3 teams. Total: 15 Teams

Each group will have to play a round-robin (play against everyone else in that group) In a Round Robin, the team to win the most matches is declared the winner. Here is an example within a group:

Stage 2: Single Elimination for the next few rounds.

  • In a Single Elimination format, the losing team of a game bracket is eliminated from the tournament.
  • In a Best of 1 Series, the first team to win a game is declared the winner.

Championship: The 2 finalists will play the best of 3 on Championship Day. In a Best of 3 Series, the first team to win two games will be declared the winner.