Hey Pandas!

The pandemic has inevitably left an indelible mark on the economy and changed the nature of existing jobs and open up new career options. While you seek to maximize your daily earnings from foodpanda opportunities, we encourage you to also explore upskilling yourself in financial and digital literacy. Gaining awareness and learning more about these essential skillsets will go a long way towards your personal growth and endeavors for the new normal.

Financial Literacy (Managing Your Personal Finance And Budgeting)

  • Date: 22 July, Thursday
  • Time: 3pm – 430pm
  • Speaker: Zuraidah Daud, NTUC LearningHub Trainer

Being self-employed is akin to having one’s own business. The self-employed individual is his/her own boss. The success of his/her business depends on how the self-employed individual guides the business to earn revenue and use it to cover its expenses. However, many may find this a challenge as they may lack the financial literacy to do so.

Financial literacy is critical for the self-employed individual to establish a system to record his/her income and expenses, maintain reliable and accurate records and review his financial records. At the same time, he/she needs to understand the position, roles and responsibilities in an agreement. With a clear understanding and good financial literacy, he/she will be aware of and make the necessary preparation and changes towards an efficient business operation.

Digital Literacy

  • Date: 5 August, Thursday
  • Time: 3pm – 430pm
  • Speaker: Zainal Abas, NTUC LearningHub Trainer

As the world battles with COVID-19 pandemic, the speed of digitalization in organizations and our daily lives has increased at a significant pace. We are adapting to the new norms where food orders are placed in a virtual space, documents are signed using computers, and lessons are conducted in a virtual environment. Knowledge in promoting your products and services online and keeping yourself up to date with the latest marketing platforms will give you an edge over competitors. The ability to make your brand known on the web and utilizing marketing platforms will also provide increased exposure.