Hey Pandas!

Singapore’s Polling Day is here and we encourage our riders to play their part in ensuring that Singapore is safely and effectively governed. Please use this time to vote wisely! With that said, we decided to throw a Polling Day Contest where we will be awarding 20 winners with $50 each for posting their photo on Instagram.


  1. Post a photo of yourself on Instagram in your foodpanda uniform once you’ve voted! Please ensure that you only take photos in designated areas.
  2. Your caption must include a message encouraging your followers and fellow Singaporeans to vote on Polling Day or why voting on Polling Day is so important. The most creative caption wins!
  3. Please include these hashtags so that we can find you: #foodpandariderssg and #foodpandavotes
  4. Please ensure that your account is set to public so that we can see your post


  1. Winners will be announced on July 13, 2020 (Monday)
  2. Please note that we may share the photos of the winners on the Telegram channel
  3. Your cash prize will arrive the on July 17, 2020 (Friday) via rider payments