Hey Pandas!

We’ve been seeing some rider TikTok videos circulating the web and we’ve decided to throw a contest to see how creative or funny our Pandas can be! We will be awarding the top 10 most creative riders with $100 each. Will you be one of them?


  1. The theme is “A day in the life of a foodpanda rider”Examples: dancing to a song that reminds you about being a rider, a funny conversation you had with a vendor/customer, experiences unique to being a foodpanda rider, using your rider equipment as props in the video, some struggles you face as a foodpanda rider, delivering during Covid-19 etc!
  2. You must be in your foodpanda uniform.
  3. You can post on either Instagram, TikTok or Twitter. Your account must be on public and you must use the hashtag #foodpandariderssg so we can find you!
  4. Top 10 most creative videos will win $100 each. We will announce the winners on Wednesday June 10, 2020.

​Good luck!