Hey Pandas!

We wanted to take this time to award our riders who make use of the foodpanda uniform and equipment we’ve specially designed for them. 

Wearing your complete foodpanda uniform fosters safe riding and more efficient deliveries – this allows you to get through security checks quickly, be more visible on the road, and be more recognizable in vendor locations. 

That said, we’re sending our pandambassadors to the streets of Singapore every week to award our riders with $30 each once spotted in their foodpanda shirt + bag. 💰 We’ve made sure to include all zones under this incentive. Here’s how to can win: 

  1. You must be spotted by our pandambassadors in your complete foodpanda uniform with foodpanda equipment. Ex: any shirt from foodpanda (regular shirt, Bamboo Rewards merchandise, etc) & 1 bag (backpack, thermal bag, etc) 
  2. Show the pandambassadors your rider app & rider ID. 
  3. Post a photo of your $30 Ang Bao on social media and tag @foodpanda.sg 
  4. Allow the pandambassadors to snap a quick photo of you for recording purposes 

Incentive period: Until Dec 31, 2021. 

See you on the road. 😉