A. New Riders

B. Existing Riders

What should you wear

  • Foodpanda t-shirt
  • Long dark pants
  • Covered Shoes
  • Raincoat
  • Helmet

Must-haves to start a shift

  • Fully charged phone with data
  • Fully charged power bank

  • Full petrol

  • $50 float change ($10, $5, $2 notes and coins)

Take care of your work equipment

  • Clean everything at least once a week!
  • Air them out thoroughly after each shift
  • Always clean your bags and foams after a spill
  • Come to your hub every 3 months for quality check!

Safety & Conduct


  • Have uncovered face when dealing with customers
  • Always be polite to customers and vendors
  • Settle disagreements peacefully, talk things through
  • Never handle unpacked food
  • No-shows are no longer excusable


  • Park legally
  • Keep a safe distance from other vehicles

  • Keep left unless overtaking

  • Do not swerve in and out of traffic

PAB, Bicycles & Motorbikes

  • Stay within the speed limits
  • Be aware of surroundings and traffic conditions
  • Ensure vehicle is 100% functional and registered with the LTA
  • Identify dangers (construction sites, potholes, etc)
  • Beware of other vehicles blind spots and long vehicles ‘off-tracking’
  • Keep a lookout and give way to pedestrians
  • Wear a helmet, bright coloured foodpanda t-shirt, with reflective features
  • Ride safe under the rain, always have raincoat with reflective features on the ready

  • Heat and humidity: Stay hydrated!

  • Poor visibility: Reflective stripes and lights on mobility devices

  • Rain weather: Drive slow and safe. In case of heavy rain, look for shelter

  • Low air quality: Always carry a face mask

Always return collected cash

  • When delivering a cash order, always input the real amount you collected.
  • You can find the total amount of cash on hand you have under the “history” tab on RR

At the end of your shift


  • Return of physical cash is no longer accepted. Your Pay Lah! must be linked with us for automatic deductions of Cash on Delivery. Otherwise, you cannot provide your services for us

  • Bank in the cash to your account
  • Amount will be deducted at 6.30am the next day

Rider Support

Rider Issues?

  • Inventory
  • Clocking in Issue (MC, Reservist)
  • Shift clocking out
  • Accidents/ Injuries while on an order

Order Issues?

  • Order reassignment
  • Food spillage
  • Customer uncontactable
  • Accidents/ injuries during the order
  • Customer address issues


  • Road Runner APP Chat