Rider Support

Rider Support is a function in your Roadrunner app which contains all the necessary information you need about your equipment, service fees, shifts, accidents and more! Moreover, any supplementary requests or issues can be raised by submitting a ticket.

Here’s how you can get started:


Open your Roadrunner app and click on the three lines on the upper left corner. Select “Rider Support”


Select which category your concern falls under. Examples are Service Fees, Shifts, Accidents, Equipment etc. You may find the answers to your concerns here.


Example: Issues with Equipment
If you have an issue with replacing your equipment, kindly click on “I need to replace my equipment”.


90% of your questions and concerns are covered in Rider Support through a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions format. For issues not included here, kindly submit a ticket through Rider Support.
Urgent issues such as accidents will be responded to within 30 mins, while other concerns will take a maximum time of 24 business hours for a response.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Application Process

You may apply online via our website at

How do I apply to become a Panda?

You may apply online via our website at

What delivery modes do you accept?

We accept car drivers, motorbike riders, bicycle riders, e-bike (PAB) riders, and walkers.

I am currently working full-time, can I still apply to become a Panda?

Yes, you can apply to become a Panda with us! All Pandas are independent contractors/freelancers and can decide when to put in their hours.

How long will it take for me to start with foodpanda after going through the onboarding session?

If you have all the necessary documents and information to apply, you can start immediately on the day itself if there are available shifts for you to book that day.

Am I eligible to apply as a Panda?

You are eligible to apply if you meet the following criteria:

​1. You need to be Singaporean/PR. We do not accept long term visit passes, NS applicants and foreigners.

2. You need to have a POSB/DBS account. We do not accept any other bank accounts. Visit our Guides section to find out how to easily open a bank account.

3. You need to have ibanking and DBS PayLah! Visit your mobile application stores to download the apps.

What do I require for my whatsapp video verification?

Kindly prepare the following:

  • NRIC (Original)
  • Driving Licence (for motorcyclists)
  • PMD registration number (for PMD riders) – to remove
  • POSB/DBS bank account number
  • ibanking and a DBS PayLah account (logged in) – added
  • Telegram
  • Rider App

Do I have to make any payment upon applying?

Yes, you would need to pay for your Rider Equipment.

B. Unsuccessful Application

I've received an email saying that my application was unsuccessful. Why is that?

Currently, we only accept Singaporeans/PRs as our riders. We do not accept foreigners with work permits or long term passes.

All Panda riders have to be 18 and above.

We are unable to process your application if you’re still serving national service.

You will need to have a DBS/POSB bank account to apply with us since we are moving to an automated system. This system only supports DBS/POSB bank account users.

It is a requirement to complete and pass our quiz. This ensures us that you are equipped with the information required to be a panda rider.

Note: If you have already come down to onboard with us and have an account on roadrunner, kindly ignore the email you’ve received. We delete duplicate applications at the end of the day which get automatic unsuccessful application emails.

C. Equipment and App

Do I need to pay for the equipment?

Yes. You may purchase your equipment in the hubs. Visit here for more details.

How do I reset my password?

You have to log into roadrunner. Go to rooster > My Profile > Change password

Where do I download Roadrunner?

You may find the necessary links here

D. Hub Locations and Opening Hours

E. Referral

What is the referral incentive?

Please refer here for more details

How do I apply to get the referred incentive?

New riders have to apply through their referrer’s unique Refer-a-Friend link.

How does my referrer get his/her unique link?

Please refer here for the step by step instructions on how to get his/her link.

F. Vehicles

Does foodpanda provide delivery vehicles?

Yes! We provide free bicycle rentals via SG bike. For more details, click here.

Do you accept car/van riders?

Yes, we now accept car drivers.

G. Service Fees

How much will I make at foodpanda?

You are under the Dynamic Service Fee structure. Please refer here for more details.

What is a Payment Cycle?

Refer here to understand more about your payment cycle

When will I be paid?

Refer here to understand more about your payment cycle

When do I receive my service fee invoice?

You will receive your service fee invoice via email 2 to 3 days upon receiving your service fees.

I think I have received a shortage in my service fees. What do I do?

Head over to Help → Fees & Incentives → How to Read My Invoice to double-check whether or not you really had a shortage. Oftentimes, riders misinterpret deductions* as shortages. If you really had a shortage, kindly submit a ticket under Service Fees in Rider Support with a full explanation of the reason behind it.

*Deductions: Some examples of deductions are equipment deduction, Cash-On-Delivery, and deductions from your previous payment cycle.

Will I get paid overtime?

No, freelancers are not entitled to receiving overtime. Refer to your Service Agreement for more details.

Will I receive incentives?

Yes! Quest incentives are avaialble and can be seen here

H. Returning Riders

I cannot see any shifts. Why? What should I do?

There are multiple reasons why you cannot see any shifts. Some reasons could be:

  1. You have decided to stop working with us in the past.
  2. You’ve been blocked or blacklisted as a rider.

If you wish to reactivate your status as a rider, send in a ticket via Rider Support in Roadrunner and we will assist you. Roadrunner download links can be found Section C of this FAQs. (Equipment and App)