Heroes of foodpanda


“I was working as an engineer before I decided to leave my job and start riding with foodpanda part-time. Two years later, I am now a proud owner of a liquor business, thanks to the savings I’ve accumulated from delivering with foodpanda. I was able to save $15,000 in just 8 months!”

Kee Kuo WenPart-Time Rider

“Delivering with foodpanda helped me finance my education as a university student at NTU. In my opinion, foodpanda pays more than double your typical F&B and retail part-time jobs. As a rider, I had the flexibility to finish school, pursue my passions and earn a side income. I would study Mondays to Thursdays and deliver Fridays to Sundays. My delivery schedule was perfect because the weekends always had great incentives. What’s great as well is that you don’t need any work experience to start.”

Poe Ei KyawStudent

“Success to me is being the best mother possible. I was a pole dancer who used to compete locally and overseas before I decided to retire and take care of my son. I now have the time and flexibility to care for him and earn at the same time. I can deliver whenever I want and I have the freedom to deliver close to home.”

Kristeena LeeMother

“As a student, I needed a way to cover my expenses while I was doing the fundraising round for my startup, GoBike, which is an online platform that connects cyclists all over Singapore. I also love to cycle so I wanted to find a way to make some money out of my passion. Delivering with foodpanda is like hitting two birds with one stone - you get to meet your fitness goals through outdoor exercise and you get to earn good money at the same time. I also loved the fact that I had the flexibility to balance school, attend my other meetings throughout the day, and not have a boss to deal with. Being a rider was simple and straightforward and I was even able to meet an amazing community of cyclists along the way!”

Laurent MissoCyclist

“I started delivering with foodpanda to get some exercise during the pandemic. I left my comfortable 9-5 financial advisory job and I have no regrets! I am no longer bound to a desk forced to attend online meetings or complete mundane administrative work. I was once doubtful if this job could provide a sustainable stream of income until I experienced it myself. To my surprise, it can be sustainable if you are disciplined enough. I earn enough to support my lifestyle and I even get to save on the side. My advice would be to keep an open mind and try it out! Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and be realistic with your planning and goal setting. A bonus tip, start off in a place you are most familiar with. Aside from the freedom and flexibility, I get to explore places I never knew existed in Singapore. Touring this land you call home and interacting with people along the journey lets you see this island nation from a completely different perspective.”

Benjamin TanFull-Time Rider

“I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety back in 2019, which took a toll on both my professional and personal life. I decided to rejoin the workforce in 2021 by delivering as a foodpanda rider, and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Putting a smile on customers' faces has helped bring down my depression dramatically. Thank you foodpanda, for pulling me up when I was down! I am thankful for the opportunity to work in a safe and happy space while making a good living for myself.”

Herwandi JumariFull-Time Rider

“Delivering with foodpanda came at the perfect time as I had just finished my National Service duties and was applying for university and scholarships. I wanted to find a way to save up for school and earn while deciding what to do with my life next. I preferred the flexibility of being a rider compared to doing other part-time jobs that paid even less. I also liked the fact that I could burn calories along the way. (Haha!) Through delivering with foodpanda, I was even able to save pocket money for an entire school year.”

Beh Chin LiORD NS

“I was working as a Concierge Team Leader for a 5-star resort before I decided to make the switch. As a rider, I’m proud to be one of the frontliners during a global pandemic. I also have the free time to take up new hobbies, such as venturing into the financial markets. I now also have the time to improve my daily workout routine and even discover cool restaurants to try along the way. Since my career switch, I feel like I’ve been maximizing my time with the amount of flexibility given to me.”

Norazhar Bin Abdul RahimMid-Career Changer