Hey, Pandas!

✔️ In accordance with Singapore regulations, alcoholic item(s) can only be purchased by consumers who are above the age of 18. 

✔️ Delivering alcoholic items(s) to public places (such as parks and HDB void decks) after 10.30 pm is prohibited. 

✔️ Upon reaching your consumer’s location, if you suspect that he/she is below the age of 18  years old, you are encouraged to ask them politely to verify their age. Customers can do so by showing you any kind of identification such as their driver’s license or NRIC. Please only sight to it and do not retain any form of it.

✔️ If customer is unwilling to provide a form of identification. Please contact dispatch, inform them about your suspicion and follow the instructions by them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I differentiate between alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages?

You can check the order item details to confirm if there are any alcohol items after you have accepted the order.

Am I allowed to deliver alcoholic beverages?

Yes. All foodpanda riders are permitted to deliver alcoholic beverages.

Do I need to return unsuccessful alcohol beverage deliveries?

The system will prompt you with further instructions on alcoholic beverage delivery returns.