Screenshots of Documents Upload

  • Please look through this page for examples of acceptable screenshots that we require for the approval of your account.
  • By submitting the correct screenshots, the time taken to approve your account will be faster. 
  • Pictures of photocopies are not acceptable. The document submitted has to be a screenshot or photo of the actual document. 

Profile Picture

  • Upload a clear front-facing photo against a plain background, including sufficient space above the head and upper body in field of view
  • Scanned photo or picture of a photo is not acceptable
  • No mask, no sunglasses, ensure even lighting

IC (Front and Back)

  • Your IC must be pink for SGP and blue for PR
  • All details must be shown clearly without being covered
  • Green IC ie NS man IC is not acceptable 

Bank Book / Bank Account / Bank Statement

  • Retrieve your e-statement from your online banking. Your name and bank account number must be shown clearly and aligned with what you have provided in the application form. 

Driving License (Front and Back)

  • Only Class 2 / 2A / 2B / 3 / 3A / 3C / 3CA driving licenses will be accepted.

Commercial Insurance

  • The insurance companies you can choose are not limited to the examples below.
  • Your car must be commercially insured and must have the clause to cover Food Delivery services in order to drive with foodpanda.

PAB Theory Test Results

  • From 1 January 22, power-assisted bicycle (PAB) and e-scooter riders must pass a mandatory online theory test before they are able to ride on cycling paths and roads (applicable to PABs only). This will improve awareness of active mobility rules, code of conduct, and safe riding practices, in support of a safe and sustainable active mobility landscape.
  • Registration for your online test will be available here. Riders who wish to take the test must register for an account on the theory test portal using their SingPass at least a day before taking the test.

E-Bike Registration

  • Upload the registration letter from LTA