Food Handling

Please remember the following when it comes to handling you customer’s food:

  1. Ensure that all orders are packed securely
  2. Ensure that all cold drinks are separated from hot food
  3. Clean your rider equipment often and ensure that it is dry

Road Accidents

Wondering about what to do whenever you encounter a road accident? Don’t panic – here’s how we can help! ​

  1. ​Seek medical help immediately.
  2. Inform your dispatcher. Your dispatcher will put on you on break until the end of your shift.
  3. Raise a ticket via Rider Support. We have a dedicated team ready to help out and answer your queries.
  4. Check out our deals page to see which insurance companies can give you discounted packages.
  5. E-Bike and Bicycle riders should read our Ride Safe page to understand more about their free Third Party Liability Insurance coverage.