Hey Pandas!

Refer to this guide to fully understand your Service Fee Invoice:

  1. Payment Cycle: This is a working period of two weeks that ends with the payment of your service fees. Example: July 1, 2019 (First Monday of July) to July 14, 2019 (Second Sunday of July) are weeks 27 & 28 which is counted as one payment cycle.
  2. Area Payments: This incentive is dependent on the area you worked in.
    Click here to see the full list: https://www.pandariders.sg/order-based-service-fee
  3. Vehicle Payments: This incentive is dependent on your vehicle type. This is only applicable to motorbike riders)
  4. Deductions Made: These are deductions made for the current payment cycle.
  5. Money You Owed: These are deductions carried over from the previous payment cycle due to your insufficient funds.
  6. Deduction from COD: These are your payables for the Cash-On-Delivery orders you’ve collected.
  7. Difference: This is the difference between the two payment cycle deductions.