Delivery Zones and Starting Points

Hey, Pandas! Ready to start delivering? Here are some important reminders: 

  1. Please take note that you have to start your shift in the starting point which you’ve booked
  2. You will be assigned deliveries within the zone where your starting point is found. For example if you’ve booked a shift in the ‘Clementi’ starting point, you can be assigned deliveries in the whole of ‘Jurong East’ zone.

Refer to the map below to see your delivery zones and starting points:


We have some great news. 🥳  We’re constantly finding new ways for our riders to get more orders; that said, from Jan 20, 2021 4:00 PM onwards, we will be merging Novena + Downtown into SG South, with Novena and Downtown becoming the starting points of this new zone. Please note that your service fee and surge fee are still based on your starting point.

Do cross-zone deliveries still apply to me? Do I have to go to another zone to pick-up orders?

Yes,  cross-zone deliveries still apply. Please follow the pickup pin location and if it is incorrect (Ex: Pin does not match the address), please reach out to your dispatcher.

What is the distance cap for e-bikes and cyclists?

All vehicle distance caps remain the same.

Do I still need to go back to my zone after dropping off a cross-zone delivery?

Yes, you have to return back to your zone. For example: If you are a Downtown starting point rider and have dropped off a delivery in AMK, you can return back to the SG South area to start receiving orders again.

Can I still re-dispatch and reject orders?

Yes, but do so wisely as this will affect your score.

Where are my Surge Fees and Quest Incentives based?

These are based on the starting point you’ve selected when you booked your shift.

Where can I login for Downtown and Novena shifts?

The starting points remain unchanged.