Hey, New Joiners!

Make some extra $$$ when you complete your first orders in a given timeframe. Refer to the table below to see how much you can make:

  1. The counting of the days starts on the day of the onboarding.
  2. The new joiner incentives are calculated on a rolling basis. Once you have completed your orders within the timeframe specified above, your incentive will be credited into your rider wallet the week after, on or before Friday. (Ex: You completed your orders on Thurs CW 1, you will receive your incentive by Fri CW 2) You can withdraw the amount 48 hours after.
  3. Students get 50% off the original price of rider equipment sets if they purchase at the hubs. Students must flash a valid student card upon purchase.
  4. Every order count is attributed to a specific vehicle type. Any change of vehicle type during the quest, referral and NJ period might reset depending on your previous vehicle type and the category of vehicle you change to, based on the vehicle grouping indicated for the respective ongoing incentives. (Ex: Based on the categories above, if Car & Motorbike belong to one vehicle category and Rest of vehicles belong to a separate vehicle category:
    If you are a car rider and have completed 100 order in 10 days and you decide on Day 10 into the incentive, to change from a car rider to a bicycle rider, your order count will start from 0 instead of 100 orders under the incentive for bicycle riders. However if you are a car rider and decided to change to be a motorbike rider instead, your order count will continue from 100 orders since car and motorbike belong to the same vehicle type grouping)