Important Information

  1. A transition period of 6 months (from 30 June to 31 December 2021) will be provided for riders to prepare, take and complete the test before the requirement commences on 1 January 2022.
  2. Registration for your online test will be available here from 30 June 2021. Riders who wish to take the test must register for an account on the theory test portal using their SingPass at least a day before taking the test.
  3. Payment can be made online via credit cards or eNETS. In-person registration via SP’s One Stop Centre and pay via NETS
  4. Theory Test Fees Discounted fees of $5 from June 30th – September 30th Regular fees of $10 after 30th September
  5. Test Format 30 questions for the e-scooter theory test and 40 questions for the power-assisted bicycle (PAB) theory test; time limit for the e-scooter theory test and PAB theory test will be 30 mins and 40 mins respectively
  6. The passing score for the PAB theory tests is 80% (24 out of 30 questions for e-scooter, 32 out of 40 questions for PAB)
  7. Special Arrangements for Illiterate / Less Digitally Savvy Riders Oral tests or pen-and-paper tests conducted in a physical classroom setting in Singapore Polytechnic’s premises, subject to prevailing Safe Management Measures (SMM).
  8. Those who require such special arrangements can contact to be assessed on case-by-case basis Certification
  9. Upon passing, riders will receive a digital certificate with no expiration. Upon failing, riders can retake the test; there’s no limit to the number of attempts
  10. Enforcement Riders may be required to show their digital certificates to enforcement officers upon request. Enforcement officers will also be able to verify riders’ certificates using the LTA database
  11. foodpanda riders are required to keep a copy of their certificate (foodpanda will collect this soon)
  12. New riders do not have to take the test immediately – they can create an account with us first and complete their test within 30 days.