Hey Pandas!

Your health and safety are our top priorities. In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, from 17-March-2020 (Tues) onwards, customers can now request for their food to be dropped off in front of their door steps via the Rider-Customer Chat. Customers will now be able to send you their drop-off requests as soon as they place an order which will help promote healthy social distancing when delivering food.

Please take note that this rider-customer chat should only be used for:

  1. Delivery address details and updates
  2. Contact-free delivery requests & food drop off instructions

Please be reminded of the following:

  1. Check the rider-customer chat frequently in case the customer requested for a drop-off at their door step.
  2. The rider-customer chat will be live throughout the entire journey, not only after you pick-up the order.
  3. Also check the drop-off details in your rider app in case the customer requested for the contact-free delivery option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the customer asks me to amend or cancel the order?

The rider-customer chat should only be used for delivery address updates and delivery drop-off requests. If the customer is requesting for changes in the order, kindly tell them to contact customer service.

What if the customer asks me to leave it on his door but it’s a COD (Cash on Delivery) order?

Do not leave the food or complete the order unless you’ve received the payment. For example, you can arrange to receive the payment via Pay Lah.

What if the customer wants to change his/her address completely?

Kindly tell the customer to speak with customer service.

Can I initiate the chat or do I have to wait for the customer to message me?

You can initiate a conversation if you have any questions. The Rider-Customer Chat will be available as soon as the customer places an order.