Compliance Reminders

Your safety is our top priority! To ensure your well-being, please adhere to the following safety measures strictly. Failure to comply may lead to blacklisting:

  • DO NOT congregate while waiting to pick up orders.
  • Contactless delivery is the default option for all deliveries. Use the rider-customer chat to inform customer and wait for customer to pick up order from a safe distance.
  • Always maintain a safe distance of at least one to two meters with customers and fellow riders.
  • Wear a mask during your shift
  • Wash your hands with soap and sanitize your delivery bag regularly
  • Have your meal before shift to avoid dining out between shifts
  • Abide by the health and safety checks of our vendors (e.g. temperature checks)
  • Abide by Enterprise Singapore & LTA Regulations. Refer here.

Please take the time to remind each other of the rules stated above. Thank you for your dedicated service during this period. Stay safe!