Make some extra $$$ whenever you complete a certain number of orders in the areas mentioned below! Please note that the amount reflected on your Accept/Reject screen is the final amount inclusive of the additional surge incentive.

*Newbies and inactive riders are still eligible
*Only shifts with a start date and time within the quest period will be taken into account for acceptance rate tabulation
*Completed orders are counted based on the order accepted timing. The order accepted timing must be within the quest period.


Make additional $$$ whenever you complete orders in the areas and timeslots mentioned below.

Important reminders:

  1. The amount you see on your Accept/Reject screen is the FINAL amount.
  2. Surge Fees are calculated based on your starting point.
  3. Surge Fee will not be applicable if it is calculated before your timeslot. (Example: If you were aiming for the 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM Surge Fee timeslot but the order was calculated before 5:00 PM, there is a chance that the Surge Fee will not be included and reflected by 5:01 PM)