🏆 Bamboo Rewards

November Cycle

Deliver more to unlock all tiers and gain access to limited edition prizes!

Hey, Pandas!

Welcome to Bamboo Rewards: A monthly rider rewards program that gives our Pandas the chance to win vouchers, merchandise, freebies, and more!

How does it work?

Step 1: Every delivery you complete is worth 3 Bamboo Points*. Look out for special quests in your rider app inbox to win more points!

Step 2: At the end of every month, we tally your points and check your Average Acceptance Rate and No-Show. 

Step 3: Based on these, you will be assigned a tier. (Total of 5 tiers) 

Step 4: You can claim the prizes that fall under your tier. 

Step 5: Points get reset every month, and we start counting again!


Earn 3 Bamboo Points* for every delivery you make


Unlock your tier based on your Bamboo Points, Acceptance Rate and No-Show every month


Claim ALL the rewards that fall under your tier

*The no. of Bamboo Points per delivery is subject to change

Points System

Here’s the criteria you need to unlock each tier:

TierBamboo PointsAcceptance RateNo-Show
≤539--(30) points for every No-Show
540 - 1319≥ 90%-(30) points for every No-Show
1320 - 2159≥ 95%-(30) points for every No-Show
2160 - 2999≥ 98%-(30) points for every No-Show
≥3000≥ 98%-(30) points for every No-Show

Current Cycle

We are currently in the November Cycle of Bamboo Rewards. (November 1-30, 2021) From November 1 2021, everyone will start off as Baby Panda and receive their tier update by the first week of November.

Extra Perks

A. Monthly Cash Out of Points

Star Pandas will receive an extra $1 for every 10 points gained in excess of 3,000 points. This will be credited into your rider wallet during the first week of the next cycle.

Example: If you hit 3500 points, you will receive an extra $50 credited to your rider wallet.

3500 – 3000 = 500 points

500 points / 10 = $50

B. Loyalty Incentive

Riders who have been with us for 12 months or more and have a Weekly Activity Rate of 90% and above are eligible for extra incentives. (Up to an additional +$1000 per month) Visit this page for details!

Claiming of Prizes

A. October Cycle

Cycle Dates: Oct 1-31, 2021

Vouchers: Your foodpanda, pandamart, merchandise & lifestyle vouchers have been sent via email. 

Due to the recent reversion to Phase 2, from August 1 2021 onwards, the claiming of Bamboo Rewards prizes will be shifted online via Panda Shop. Claiming of prizes in the hubs will be temporarily suspended. Click here to learn how to order your Bamboo Rewards prizes online. 

B. November Cycle

Cycle Dates: Nov 1-30, 2021

Your tier update & vouchers will be sent to you by the first week of December.

Monthly Prizes

Great news – you can claim all the prizes under your tier. Click here to view the full list of prizes for the Rookie & Ninja Pandas, Master & Star Pandas

T-shirt (design 1)

T-shirt (design 2)

Sports shirt

Premium sports shirt

Rider (Long Sleeve)

Top Rider (Long Sleeve)

Sporty Design Rider & Top Rider


Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Bamboo Points work?

You will receive 3 Bamboo Points for every delivery you make. Your Bamboo Points will be tallied for a month and announced to you via email and rider app.

Can I jump more than one tier every cycle?

Yes! You can jump to any tier depending on the number of Bamboo Points you’ve accumulated, your average Acceptance Rate and No-Show.

How much time do I have to upgrade my tier?

You have a total of 1 month to accumulate your points and average Acceptance Rate. You will receive a tier update via your rider app and email showcasing which tier you’ve unlocked

How long will my tier last?

Your tier and points are valid for 1 month and will be reset after this period.

What happens to my points when the 1 month period ends?

Your Bamboo Points are reset every month. If you wish to maintain or upgrade your tier for the next round, you would need to reach the minimum qualifications of those tiers again.

How will I know my tier and Bamboo Points?

You will receive your tier update every month (first week of the succeeding month) via email.

You will receive your vouchers every month (first week of the succeeding month) via email.

Can the Bamboo Point system change?

Yes! The Bamboo Point system is subject to change. We will be add in seasonal multipliers and changing up the points system from time to time.

How long do I have to claim my rewards?

We will be updating you regarding the claiming period for your Bamboo Rewards cycle via Telegram. You must claim your prizes strictly within the dates mentioned. Failure to claim your prizes within the mentioned period will forfeit your prizes for that cycle.

How many prizes can I claim?

You can claim ALL the prizes under your tier depending on the monetary values of your vouchers.

Can I claim the same prizes again and again?

Yes, you may! As long as you hit the tier, you can claim all the prizes that fall under that category.