🏆 Bamboo Rewards

Deliver more to unlock all tiers and gain access to limited edition prizes!

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Hey, pandariders!

 Welcome to the all-new Bamboo Rewards program. Here are the main changes we’ve made to give you a better rider experience:

✔️ We’ve made it easier for more riders to win prizes: We made the points system easier, removed your No-Show criteria, and changed your Acceptance Rate criteria to 50%

✔️ To make it fairer, you can now claim prizes based on the number of points you’ve accumulated: This means that riders who do more deliveries can claim more prizes.  

✔️ You can now accumulate points for several months to claim higher value prizes: We’ve added cash prizes, staycation vouchers, and more!  

Here's how it works:

 There are two things to take note of:


As mentioned above, your tier will determine the range of prizes you can claim via Panda Shop. The higher your tier, the better the prizes! Your tier will be based on the points you’ve accumulated each quarter and will be valid for 3 months.

Example: If I completed 250 deliveries this Jan – Mar, my tier for Apr – June will be the Silver tier. If I completed 1800 deliveries this Apr – June, my tier for July – Sep will be the Platinum tier.


T-shirt (design 1)

T-shirt (design 2)

Sports shirt

Premium sports shirt

Rider (Long Sleeve)

Top Rider (Long Sleeve)

Sporty Design Rider & Top Rider


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between my points and tier?

  • Points determine how many prizes you can claim and the value of these prizes. You will receive 1 point for every delivery you do. Your points will be updated in Panda Shop after each month.
  • Your Tier will determine what kind of prizes you can claim. Some prizes such as cash will only be available for certain tiers. The higher your tier, the better the prizes you can claim!

Is there a specific period for me to claim my prizes?

Points you’ve accumulated from January to June will be valid until July 17, 2022, and points you’ve accumulated from July to December 2022 will be valid until January 15, 2023.

Will my tier change every time I claim prizes?

No. Your tier will be valid for 3 months and will not change whenever you claim prizes. However, every time to claim prizes, your points will be deducted accordingly.

How will I receive my prizes?

  • All prizes will be delivered to your doorstep except for cash prizes and foodpanda (foodpanda & pandamart) vouchers. You will need to pay a minimal delivery fee upon check out.
  • Cash Prizes and foodpanda vouchers: We will tabulate all your claims once a month. You should receive your cash prize in your rider wallet at the end of the month, as well as your foodpanda voucher codes via email if you ordered any.

Will the prizes change?

Prizes are claimed on a first-come, first-served basis. We will keep you informed every time we add new prizes or add you to our waiting list for out-of-stock items! Prizes are subjected to stock availability.

Are my points still valid even if I take a break from delivering?

Yes. Your points will be valid for the 6-month window even if you take a break from delivering. However, you will not receive more points if you stop delivering.

Are my points transferrable? Can I combine points with a friend?

No, your points are not transferrable. You cannot combine your points with other riders. Your points will solely be tied to your Panda Shop account.

What is the minimum Acceptance Rate criteria required?

In order to qualify for your monthly points, you would need an Acceptance Rate of at least 50% for that month. If your Acceptance Rate is below 50%, you will not be eligible. (Ex: If your Acceptance Rate for the month of April is 80%, you will be eligible for the points you’ll receive at the start of May. If your Acceptance Rate is 45% in May, you will not receive any points at the start of June)

Is there a summary of the points expiry schedule?

Yes. Check it out below. Your points expire twice every year and you can spend them anytime within your two 6-month cycles.