PandaRide is a joint initiative between foodpanda and regional insurtech Igloo to promote road and rider safety. It is foodpanda’s top priority to ensure that our riders and the members of the public will always be safe from harm whenever our orders are delivered.

Here's what it covers:

What should I do when an accident happens?

Step 1

Stay calm, check if medical assistance is needed for you or the third-party.

Step 2

Gather all necessary documentation such as proof that you were on shift, police reports, Letter of Demand, doctor's report, invoices, etc.

Step 3

Click here to submit your claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I covered under foodpanda’s insurance (PandaRide)?

All active foodpanda riders are covered under the Personal Accident coverage. 

All active PAB, PMA, Walker, and Bicycle riders are covered under foodpanda’s third-party liability insurance.

*Active means that you were on shift when the incident occurred.

How can I submit my insurance claims?

Claims must be submitted as soon as reasonably possible.

Submit your claim here along with your supporting documents such as police reports, doctor’s reports, original medical receipts, invoices, and the like. These documents are mandatory as your proof of claim. 

If I get injured or get into an accident while on shift, what should I do?

  1. Please seek medical assistance immediately.
  2. If it permits, please make a police report. 
  3. Keep all the important documents (doctor’s report, original medical receipts, invoices etc).

Click here to submit your claim and for the complete list of documents you need to submit.

If I accidentally hit someone and they ask for compensation, what should I do?

  1. Check if medical assistance is needed for you or the third party.
  2. Do not promise any compensation to the third party and leave investigations to the police. Since walkers, PAB, PMA & bicycle riders are covered under our third-party liability insurance, we (foodpanda) will have our own investigation and settle the issue for you. Settling the incident privately will automatically forfeit the third-party liability insurance under foodpanda.
  3. Fill out this form. For the third party to claim valid compensation, they must file a case and send you a Letter of Demand/legal notice. Without this, they are not legally allowed to claim any damages from you.
  4. Upon submission of your complete documents, Igloo will contact you to follow up regarding the next steps.

You are not legally required to pay anything until you are legally sued by a third party. The authorities, foodpanda, and the insurance company handle everything on your behalf. All you need to do is to ensure that you are safe and have all the relevant information the insurance company needs. 

We will start processing your request upon the complete submission of your documents. Kindly submit your documents to us no later than 5 working days after you’ve received your Letter of Demand. Please note that only active PAB, Walker, PMA, and Bicycle riders are covered under foodpanda’s third-party liability insurance.

If the accident occured while I was NOT on shift, will I still be covered?

No, you are only covered only while you are on shift. If you are looking for insurance coverage that covers you even when you are NOT on shift, please check out PandaCare.

Do I need to pay for anything?

No, you do not need to pay for anything but you are required to submit your claim immediately once you get into an accident while you are on shift.

How is the Personal Accident cover here different from PandaCare, powered by Igloo?

PandaCare Personal Accident Insurance covers you even when you are off-duty. This covers you only when you are on duty.