A. Quest Incentives (CW 31)

Make some extra $$$ whenever you complete a certain number of orders in the areas mentioned below! Please note that the amount reflected on your Accept/Reject screen is the final amount inclusive of the additional surge incentive.

✔️ Motorbike, Cars

✔️ E-Bike, Bicycle, Walkers

B. National Day Quest Incentive

Happy National Day, Pandas! Here’s a special treat for you all. 🎉 

C. Quest Incentives (CW 32)

✔️ Motorbike, Cars

✔️ E-Bike, Bicycle, Walkers

D. Surge Fees (CW 31)

On top of that, see how much additional 💰💰💰 you can make per order in the High Demand Areas below:

E. Surge Fees (CW 32)

F. Free National Day Shirt

To keep the Singaporean spirit alive, we’ve decided to give a free National Day Shirt to the first 2,000 riders who order or claim their Bamboo Rewards prizes via Panda Shop. Click here to learn how to claim.

G. Activation Incentive

Moreover, riders who onboarded before 20th July 2021, have not done any orders as of 3rd Aug 2021, and received an incentive SMS are eligible to receive this special incentive! These riders will make an additional $2 for every order they complete from 6-9th Aug 2021 (both dates inclusive), up to a maximum of $300. Car drivers make an additional $2 per order on top of the initial $2. Awesome!

What are you waiting for?! Book your shifts now! 😉