Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be on the trial and book shifts?

If you have opted-in and were selected for the flexible login trial, you will be able to start and end your service without booking shifts. You will not be able to book any shift and it is normal to see that there are no shifts available.

How do I start my shift?

Simply proceed to the starting point where you would like to deliver with us and click on the ‘Start Working’ button.

Which starting point can I start in? What if I’m within an overlapped starting point area?

You can start your service with us at any starting point.

If you start delivering at an area with overlapping starting points, you may be randomly assigned to work in either zone. As such, please start delivery at an area that has no overlapping starting points. To find out more about the latest zones and starting points, please visit:

How do I end my shift?

Click on the  ‘End Working’ button to end your shift.

Does it affect my batch?

Batch calculation will apply as per normal and you can check your batch number in the ‘Performance’ tab. Your ‘Actual vs Planned’ Hours (AvP) will be the time period you start and end your delivery with us. If you go on break or were put on break, your AvP will be affected as per normal.

Does it affect my service fees?

No, you will be paid the same including the relevant batch incentives and applicable surge fees for the relevant starting points.

Why can't I start/end my service?

Please refresh the ‘Status’ tab and wait for a few minutes. Note that you will not be able to start your service with us if you are suspended or when you are not at the starting point. You can check your suspension under the ‘Notification’ tab. For assistance, please reach out to Rider Support.

Why can’t I end my delivery?

You will not be able to end your delivery with us when you are on break or when you have an active delivery. 

  1. Please end your break if the break was initiated by you. 
  2. If you were placed on break, please wait till the break to end in order to end your delivery with us. 
  3. If you have a live order, please complete the delivery before ending your service with us.

Do I need to go to the starting point to start working?

Yes. You can only start delivering for us when you are at the starting point.

What happens if I am put on break until the end of shift?

You will not be able to end your service with us while on break. Please wait till the break ends to stop your delivery with us.

How long will this test last?

The test will start on 19 April 2021 (Mon). We will provide an update on when the test will end at a later date.

What if I encountered a problem during my shift?

Please reach out to the dispatcher if you face any issue during live orders. For non-live order issues, send in a ticket via Rider Support in Roadrunner and we will assist you.