Hey Pandas!

Make some extra $$$ for every successful Panda referral! Refer to the table below to see how much you can make:

  1. The counting of the days starts on the day of the onboarding.
  2. This incentive only applies to you, the referrer.
  3. The referral incentives are calculated on a rolling basis. Once your friend has completed his/her orders within the timeframe specified above, your incentive will be credited in your rider wallet the week after on Monday. (Ex: Your friend completed his/her orders on Thurs CW 1, you will receive your referral by Mon CW 2) You may cash out 48 hours after the amount has been credited into your account. 
  4. We only consider your friend’s first application and if it’s not through your Refer-a-Friend link, you will not receive the incentive. Please ensure that they apply through your Refer-a-Friend from the beginning.


Go to your Roadrunner App and click “Refer a Friend”. You will then be given a referral link.


Decide how you want to send your referral link. There are many options:


Send to your friends!

For those of you who wish to get their Refer-a-Friend unique link without using their rider app, you may key-in your Rider ID after the “raf_” of the link below: